Sansa, Available for Adoption


Say hello to the lovely and talented lady Sansa!  When we took her her in, her shelter said she was a 6 month old puppy, but on arrival we noticed she had adult teeth.  What that means is that this girl is going to stay puppy cute forever!  We estimate Sansa to be 2-3 years old, she is cute and uber adorable!  Sansa is a very outgoing little girl that loves to meet new people.  She came to us very underweight, but has gained some much needed pounds and filled out really well.  It was a pleasure to take her to the vet for her checkups.  She hopped up in the chair next to me and curled up for a nap.  Needless to say, Sansa is confident and comfortable in every situation!  She is also a great car rider and loves ice cream! 😉  Sansa is currently in training to make her a well-polished super-star, but she will be done very soon and looking for a place to call home!  Sansa is good with other dogs and a pleasure to spend time with.  She is very smart, loves to learn new things and walks on a leash like a lady.  What more could anyone ask for?

If you’re interested in adorable Sansa, our adoption application can be filled out via this link:

TDRD Heroes, Part 1

When many people hear that word “hero” or “idol”, their first thought is of a celebrity or famous sports figure.  For us, we think about some of the dogs we’ve rescued because they are heroes to us.  Over the years, we’ve been lucky to provide the needed care (both medically and mentally) to dogs that have suffered terribly at the hands of people.  The very people that they still loved, the ones that were supposed to love and protect them in return.  Instead, they beat them, starved them, mutilated them and left them to die.  The mental trauma some of them have been forced to endure is unimaginable and it’s difficult to think about.

These dogs were mistreated terribly, yet held no grudges and had such strong wills to live.  Every memory they had of a human was painful, yet they let us into their hearts, they thrived and overcame abuse that nearly killed them.  Out of the ashes of their former lives, they rose stronger than ever and let us into their hearts.  We loved them, gave them the medical care they needed and each of these dogs found their forever homes.

This is the first in a series of our TDRD heroes.  We wanted to share their transformations and honor them for being truly amazing.

As always, we thank our generous donors for helping us make these stories possible.  We could not do this everyday without them!

2015 Saving Pets Challenge Starts Today!

bonus challenge wk1 We’re super excited to let you know we’re part of a really amazing campaign called the Saving Pets Challenge. It’s a friendly fundraising competition funded by Michelson Found Animals where animal welfare organizations like ours compete to raise the most money for their cause. The top raising animal welfare organization get donations between $5000 and $50,000 and we’re out to win that grand prize of $50,000.

Here’s where we need your help…

Each week, there are Bonus Challenges with opportunities to win extra cash for our cause. The first one starts right now and if we raise at least $250 between May 4th at 12pm ET and May 12th at 12pm ET, we’ll get entered to win a $4000 donation to our cause.

We could really use your help to raise the $250 and get entered into this Bonus Challenge. Every donation makes all the difference so please Click Here and give what you can.

If you want to go a step further and set up a fundraiser for our cause, that would be even more amazing. Imagine the money we could raise together if you reached out to your network. So, so great. To donate or to start a fundraiser, please Click Here.

And, one more quick thing…if you donate at least $25 to our fundraiser, you’ll be entered to win a DOG for DOG or Adopt & Shop dog or cat gift basket each worth $100. Just one more reason to give.

Join or Facebook event for this challenge and watch our progress!

Use Goodsearch and Goodshop to Raise Money for our Rescue!

The best way to save pets from euthanasia is to educate the public and promote the adoption and rescue of dogs. You can be a part of our efforts by shopping online and buying anything you need through the Goodshop portal. With every purchase you make at your favorite merchants through this portal, Goodshop will donate funds to Tennessee Death Row Dogs. Get started raising funds and saving money by visiting the Goodsearch website to sign up, select Tennessee Death Row Dogs as your cause, and use Goodshop to shop online. Goodshop even gives you access to hundreds of coupons to help you save money!

Goodshop snapshot

Raven’s Puppies Have Gone Home!

Back in November of 2014, we received a plea for a stray mama dog who was in dire need of help.  She wasn’t scheduled for euthanasia in a high kill shelter like most of the dogs that we rescue, but we knew we had to help her.  Raven had found a dog house in the neighborhood that she lived in to have her puppies.  She probably felt this was the safest place for them, where she could best keep them warm in the bitter winter cold.  When the homeowners discovered her in their dog house, they wanted her out of there.. immediately.

Raven's puppies living in the dog house, prior to their rescue.

Raven’s puppies living in the dog house, prior to their rescue.

Over the last three months, these tiny babies grew a lot!  While they were growing up, we had posted them online and worked hard screening potential families.  Last week, they were finally old enough for their spay and neuter surgeries, after which they were able to go to their new families!  We wanted to share how much these little puppies grew and share their new family photos!

Adeline, Bozley and Cheyenne

The first collage is Adeline with her new family, Bozley with his new dad (he also had a very excited mom and little boys waiting at home), and Cheyenne with her new mom.

In the second set of photos are DaVinci, Elise and Riddick.  All of these babies have settled into their new homes and are doing wonderfully!

DaVinci, Elise and Riddick.

We thank our adopters for making these precious babies members of their families!  We also thank everyone who donated to help us buy food, puppy pads and pay for their medical care.  We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our generous donors!