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The best way to save pets from euthanasia is to educate the public and promote the adoption and rescue of dogs. You can be a part of our efforts by shopping online and buying anything you need through the Goodshop portal. With every purchase you make at your favorite merchants through this portal, Goodshop will donate funds to Tennessee Death Row Dogs. Get started raising funds and saving money by visiting the Goodsearch website to sign up, select Tennessee Death Row Dogs as your cause, and use Goodshop to shop online. Goodshop even gives you access to hundreds of coupons to help you save money!

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Raven’s Puppies Have Gone Home!

Back in November of 2014, we received a plea for a stray mama dog who was in dire need of help.  She wasn’t scheduled for euthanasia in a high kill shelter like most of the dogs that we rescue, but we knew we had to help her.  Raven had found a dog house in the neighborhood that she lived in to have her puppies.  She probably felt this was the safest place for them, where she could best keep them warm in the bitter winter cold.  When the homeowners discovered her in their dog house, they wanted her out of there.. immediately.

Raven's puppies living in the dog house, prior to their rescue.

Raven’s puppies living in the dog house, prior to their rescue.

Over the last three months, these tiny babies grew a lot!  While they were growing up, we had posted them online and worked hard screening potential families.  Last week, they were finally old enough for their spay and neuter surgeries, after which they were able to go to their new families!  We wanted to share how much these little puppies grew and share their new family photos!

Adeline, Bozley and Cheyenne

The first collage is Adeline with her new family, Bozley with his new dad (he also had a very excited mom and little boys waiting at home), and Cheyenne with her new mom.

In the second set of photos are DaVinci, Elise and Riddick.  All of these babies have settled into their new homes and are doing wonderfully!

DaVinci, Elise and Riddick.

We thank our adopters for making these precious babies members of their families!  We also thank everyone who donated to help us buy food, puppy pads and pay for their medical care.  We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our generous donors!

“Be My Valentine” Adoption Event – February 14th

Come join us and the Mount Juliet Animal Shelter, Saturday, February 14th for puppy breath and doggie kisses at The Dog Spot in Mount Juliet! We will have some of our adoptable dogs and puppies there, hoping to find their forever families! Those considering adopting one of our babies that day are encouraged to fill out an adoption application ahead of time because we do not do same day adoptions. Those approved before the event can come pick out a new family member!

Our friends at The Dog Spot will be offering $5 nail trims and $20 dog washes during this event!  All proceeds will be donated to Tennessee Death Row Dogs and the Mount Juliet Animal Shelter.  This is a great way to treat your dog to a little pampering and support homeless animals!  They will also have have snacks, beverages, dog photography, and a puppy kissing booth!

We hope to see you there!

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A Beautiful Soul Needs a Place to Call Home


PHOTO CREDIT: Kisa Kavass Photography

There are many truly heartwarming and heartbreaking times in rescue. We take in so many dogs that I feel would never have a chance otherwise and their stories are often full of tragedy, trauma, neglect and sadly, pain. Such is the story of Xena, a sweet brindle female we rescued last winter. Her story became known when animal control responded to a complaint of neglect and cruelty. They found her chained up behind what should have been her home, on a windy, bitter cold winter night. She had no shelter, no food or water and was in the very late stages of her pregnancy. I try not to think about how many nights she spent hungry, curled up in a ball shivering, trying to stay warm. The AC officer decided to immediately seize Xena, intending to bring her back to the shelter where at least she would be dry, warm and have food. When she arrived back at the shelter, she found it full with dogs that had arrived earlier that day. Her choices were then to either allow Xena to be euthanized, or try to find a way to help her. She found a local vet where Xena could stay for a couple of days and she put out a plea to every rescue she could find, asking for help. When no one stepped up to take her in, she became part of our rescue and forever part of our hearts. The day after arriving in foster care, Xena had her puppies. She was a great, caring mother to her babies, who later found amazing families of their own. Now nearly a year later, Xena is still waiting.. Her rescue was heartwarming, but seeing her excitement and hope when greeting people at events, is the heartbreaking part because it has never been HER day. She is a very smart dog and is incredibly eager to please. I taught her “sit”, “shake” and “down” in 5 minutes one day. This is why I know that Xena absolutely understands that she is being overlooked each time someone passes her at an event. Potential adopters are giddy with delight at meeting our puppies, or are immediately drawn to some of our other dogs, but never Xena. XenaMaybe she seems too average, I honestly couldn’t say for sure, because what I see is an incredibly loyal dog that would make the most devoted companion. I see a dog that never has a bad day and has never met a stranger. I see a dog that regardless of the cards life has dealt her, she is still so happy and hopeful for the day someone picks her. What worries me the most, is that someday that flame of hope that burns so brightly within her with flicker and die. Xena has not given up, so I refuse to either because we promised her a family and a better life. We must deliver because she deserves nothing less than the most amazing family out there. Her requirements are simple, a home with another calm male dog or she would like to be the only dog. Her bubbly personality may also be a little much for small children and knock them over, but a home with older children would be fine. She would love a fenced in yard, but this is not required if she is able to go with her family on daily walks. Xena is house-trained, crate-trained, rides in the car like a pro, she loves vanilla ice cream and Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. If all of her dreams could come true and she could wake up Christmas morning with her family, then ours would too. Someone please give this amazing, sweet, loyal dog a chance. You will not regret it!

Xena’s adoption fee is $200 which includes her vaccinations, fecal exam, deworming, heartworm test (she is NEG), spay surgery and micro-chipping.  Those looking to add Xena to their family can fill out our adoption application via this link:

Support us Through the Kroger Community Rewards Program!

We are now an approved charity for the Kroger Community Rewards Program!  All participants need to do is register their Kroger card online and select us as their charity.  Registering cards also give users access to online manufacturer coupons too!  Every time registered cards are swiped at the checkout, our rescue earns a donation!  Kroger shoppers can follow this link to register, then select Tennessee Death Row Dogs under the charity section.  You can help us save lives while doing your grocery shopping at no additional cost!  We are very excited to be a part of this program!


Checking in on Browning

Last month, we received a plea for help for Browning, a very young puppy with a severe case of mange.  Clearly in his condition, he didn’t have people lining up to adopt him and needed immediate medical care.  A kind soul offered to foster him and we took him into our rescue.  Since then, his foster mom has made sure he made it to all of his vet appointments and followed his treatment instructions closely.

Today, Browning made it to his first adoption event and he looks like a totally different puppy!  He was spunky, playful and met a lot of admirers.  We wanted to share a before and after photo of his amazing progress!  Browning will soon be ready for his forever home and those looking to adopt him can fill out an adoption application via this link.

Browning in the shelter on October 9th (left), and November 22nd at his first adoption event (right).

Browning in the shelter on October 9th (left), and November 22nd at his first adoption event (right).