Checking in on Browning

Last month, we received a plea for help for Browning, a very young puppy with a severe case of mange.  Clearly in his condition, he didn’t have people lining up to adopt him and needed immediate medical care.  A kind soul offered to foster him and we took him into our rescue.  Since then, his foster mom has made sure he made it to all of his vet appointments and followed his treatment instructions closely.

Today, Browning made it to his first adoption event and he looks like a totally different puppy!  He was spunky, playful and met a lot of admirers.  We wanted to share a before and after photo of his amazing progress!  Browning will soon be ready for his forever home and those looking to adopt him can fill out an adoption application via this link.

Browning in the shelter on October 9th (left), and November 22nd at his first adoption event (right).

Browning in the shelter on October 9th (left), and November 22nd at his first adoption event (right).

Dean, one sweet senior in need of a family.

Dean is one of five dogs that our rescue saved from euthanasia last Friday.  Like many dogs, he found himself at a high kill shelter by no fault of his own.  Despite what some think about dogs on the euthanasia list being aggressive or unhealthy, that’s rarely the case.  Dean lived the majority of his life with a wonderful owner, who loved and cared for him.  A couple of weeks ago however, his owner became sick and was hospitalized.  When this happened, his owner’s family brought Dean to a high kill shelter, along with five years of his medical records.

Dean relaxing in his foster home.

Dean relaxing in his foster home.

Like many senior dogs, Dean didn’t have people lined up waiting to adopt him.  Those looking for new companions often look for puppies or younger dogs.  As the shelter filled up and there were no more kennels to place incoming dogs in, the shelter where Dean was decided it was time to euthanize dogs to make space.  Dean and many other dogs there were then put on the dreaded “list”.

After putting out a plea for foster families, five families stepped up and wanted to help.  Because of these amazing families, we were able to save the lives of five dogs, including Dean.  He has lost everything that is familiar to him; his home, his person, his world.  We are very grateful to his foster family because at least he now doesn’t have to lose his life too.  The same day we rescued Dean, his owner passed away.

Dean has seen a vet for a checkup and is now available for adoption.  Dean is a seven year old, Chihuahua who weighs four pounds and he is as sweet as can be.  Those wishing to add Dean to their family are welcome to fill out an adoption application via this link:

Gia ~ Available for Adoption

We see a lot of truly horrible things here, but along with that, we also are privileged enough to see some pretty awesome things too. In witnessing the mental and physical journey of Gia, we have seen both. To see firsthand the cruelty and neglect she suffered at the hands of people made me feel sick and angry. She arrived here from the shelter with over 100 circular puncture wounds that littered her frail body. These wounds were left untreated, causing her to suffer from a terrible skin infection. Her body was covered with parasites and motor oil from the junkyard that Gia previously called home. The worst of her pain and suffering was caused by a recent home crop job on her ears, completed with either a knife or pair of scissors. Her ears were so badly infected that it was extremely painful and treatment required daily ear drops which left her panicked and terrified. Yet Gia learned to trust us, she knew we were trying to help her. When she had finally recuperated and was ready to find her family, we knew that Gia now needed a different kind of help. She had never been lucky enough to have a home and a family. Every life experience was new for her from meeting new people, to greeting other dogs, taking walks on a leash, etc. Gia needed to learn all of these things to be a perfect canine companion, so we called our friends at The Calm K9 for help. They have been working with Gia for over a month now and what progress she has made. This video shows her happiness, her loving soul and how badly she wants to share it with people. Humans may have not always been her friend and treated her kindly, but Gia holds no grudges. She has put her past behind her now and embraces everyone she meets with her whole heart. It’s time for Gia to find her forever family and for them she will made an incredible dog. She is thankful each and everyday for her new life and while it’s easy to pity her, all she wants is love. We know there is a special family out there that can give Gia the life she deserves and it’s her time for her day to come. Those interested in adopting Gia are welcomed to fill out our adoption application: Inquiries or questions about Gia can be sent to!

New “Donor” Hoodies are Here!

We are grateful for our donors every day because without their generosity, our efforts wouldn’t be possible. As our way of saying thank you, we had this hoodie custom designed and there is only one way you can get one, by donating! Those donating $50 through this link will score a free “Donor” t-shirt and those donating $75, will be the proud new owner of an awesome, zippered hoodie! All donations made through the link are tax-deductible AND count towards our total raised in the Saving Pets Challenge! If you’ve already donated at least $50 to the link above, then you’re already the winner of some free TDRD swag! We’ll be reaching out to our donors at the end of the contest for mailing addresses, preferred shirt color and size. Thanks everyone!

Donor Hoodie PurpleDonor Hoodie Charcoal

Solomon, a Pit Bull Pin-Up Looking for His Forever Home <3

It’s impossible to spend any time with Solomon and not fall in love with him.  He is sweet, sensitive, affectionate and of course as you can see, stunning as w_MG_1350_resizeell!  Solomon has been looking for his forever home for months now, with not much solid interest.  We don’t get it, this guy is a GREAT dog!  Solomon walks like a gentleman on a leash, making him a top-notch walking companion.  He loves car rides, hiking, new adventures and surprisingly, he likes cats!  Solomon knows all of his basic commands, as well as advanced commands, such as “place”, “stay” from long distances, “come”, “shake” and he is eager to learn anything we teach him.  He is the perfect companion and longs for someone to make him a member of their family.  Solomon hasn’t had an easy life and sometimes strangers approaching him makes him nervous.  He is such a social butterfly that this makes us sad thinking about what once happened that make him fearful of people and situations.  He needs parents that understand this and even though he is extremely well-behaved in public, that doesn’t mean he wants people he doesn’t know touching im.  It’s important to respect his space, just as you would when meeting a new person.  This is why we also feel he would do best in a home with older children only.  Solomon is housebroken, crate-trained and does well with other calm dogs.  He is quite the couch potato and would be a great snuggle buddy for movie nights too!  Those interested in adding Solomon to their family, can find our adoption application posted on our website at  Inquiries and questions can be sent to  We thank Pamela Parton for taking this amazing photo!

Gia is Ready for her Forever Home!

Gia collageIn the last couple of months, Gia has made amazing progress both physically and mentally. It’s hard to believe she is the same dog that arrived, covered in hundreds of circular puncture wounds that looked like she was stabbed with an ice pick.  Her ears had also recently been cropped in a crude home chop job, completed with either a knife or a pair of scissors.  We can’t imagine how incredibly painful that must have been and treating her double ear infection everyday was sheer terror for her. Gia has suffered a lot in her life, more than any dog should ever have to. Even still, with a painful skin infection all over her body, Gia let us treat her everyday. She knew that we were there to help and now that she is healthy, it’s time for her to move into a foster or adoptive home. In her former life, she lived in a junkyard so Gia has a lot to learn about being in a home. She needs someone who can help her transition into the “normal” world. Gia is a very sweet, kind dog and she loves everyone she meets. She holds no grudges about her past life or treatment. Gia lives in the present and she is happy everyday for the second chance she was given. She would do best in a home with a respectful male, or as the only dog. She is fascinated by cats, as she is with many things that she has never experienced before. She also likes to jump on them and smack them with her paws, so she needs to go to a home with no cats!  If you’re interested in adopting or fostering Gia, please contact!

Join us Saturday at Petco!

This Saturday, August 16th, we’ll be holding an adoption event at the Petco store in Murfreesboro!  There will be a few adorable adoptables on-hand that would like to meet your acquaintance!  We will have merchandise on sale as well to support our rescue efforts.  Event location information can be found by clicking the photo below. We hope to see you there!