Join us Saturday at Petco!

This Saturday, August 16th, we’ll be holding an adoption event at the Petco store in Murfreesboro!  There will be a few adorable adoptables on-hand that would like to meet your acquaintance!  We will have merchandise on sale as well to support our rescue efforts.  Event location information can be found by clicking the photo below. We hope to see you there!


We Welcome Talia & Her Puppies!

Mama2A couple of weeks ago, we received a plea from a local shelter to help with a litter of puppies.  They explained their owners wanted to surrender them, but the shelter was currently full.  The reality for the puppies was that their lives could very well be over before they had even started.  Attached to the emailed plea, was photos of the puppies, along with their mom who was living on a large chain in the backyard of their home.  When we were able to find a foster, I was happy for the puppies, but my mind kept going back to the image of their chained mother.  It didn’t feel a true rescue if we had to leave her behind and I asked the shelter volunteers about her odds of being able to leave too.  They informed me that after speaking with her owners, they didn’t wish to surrender her.  Mama1

When the puppies foster mom planned to go pick them up, in a last ditch effort I asked her to please ask about mama too.  I knew that through our rescue, she could find a loving home where she wouldn’t have to live outside, forced to live out her days in solitude.  To my surprise, this time her owners decided to give her up and allow her to have the chance at a new life, with a family that would cherish her.

We are thrilled to welcome Talia and her babies to our rescue!  They’ve already been to their first vet visit for shots and fecal exams.  Once they reach 12 weeks of age, we can complete their spay & neuter surgeries, they will be micro-chipped and will be on their way to our Maine branch.


A Challenge for Tennessee Shelters!

Last night, I attended the viewing of Redemption, a movie based on the book written by Nathan Winograd. It was inspiring to see that large cities like San Francisco were able to redemption posterachieve no-kill status. There are many shelters here that say their intake numbers are simply too high and becoming no-kill facilities wouldn’t be possible. However, IT IS possible. In Washoe County, Nevada, their intake numbers are 10 times that of NYC. At a time in their history where they had the 2nd highest unemployment percentage in the nation, they converted to a no-kill facility. In nearly every state now, there is at least one no-kill shelter, but I saw not one shelter on the list that was in TN. If one shelter decides today to convert to a no-kill facility, they will be the first. If they have success, than not only will thousands of dogs and cats be spared, but other shelters will see it’s possible. I ask every shelter in our state to consider making this transition and if you do, you will have the full support of your community and others in TN. You will have my support and I will use my MBA in Marketing to help you achieve this goal in anyway that I can. I long for a day when there are no more “death row dogs”. ~Jamie


Ava has gone HOME!

AvaSweet Ava, how she forever touched our hearts. She is a special dog, that was kind and loving, even after the life of hell she had endured. Before finding herself on a euthanasia list, Ava was seized by animal control. She was found living in a “fight kennel” full of garbage with a broken foot. Her scars and missing teeth are a forever reminder of her past, where her “owners” put her in fights where she refused to defend herself. Ava is amazingly dog friendly and loves kids. She is a phenomenal girl and to see her finally have her day means so much to all of us. Her mom, Jenni, is one of our volunteers and fell in love with Ava as soon as they met. She took her home to foster and Ava fit in perfectly. Ava has gone HOME We wish Jenni and Ava all the best in the world!

For those not familiar with Ava’s story, there is a video made by the person who found her here: Ava also has an album which showed her journey in pictures:

A Big Thanks to and Wahls Pet Products!

We recently won a grant which includes Wahl 4 in 1, shampoo and conditioner which arrived today. It’s a lavender and chamomile calming formula that smells absolutely fantastic! Our dogs can now to go events looking and smelling their best! We also have some samples to give out at our next event for folks to try. We thank and Wahl Pet Products so much for their generosity!


Join us this Saturday for Woofstock with Emmylou Harris!

woofstock“Fontanel Mansion is a 27,000 square foot log home formerly owned by Country Music Hall of Fame® member Barbara Mandrell, and is Nashville’s only country music mansion tour giving visitors a sneak peek into the lives of country music greats. The home, situated on the 186 acre property, is nestled in the rolling hills of the Whites Creek Valley. With The Inn at Fontanel, the Woods Amphitheater, Prichard’s Distillery, the Pepsi Studio Gallery, Cafe Fontanella, Goo Goo Outpost, AdventureWorks Ziplines, The Trails and Metro Parks Greenway, and Concert Cruise-In car shows Thursdays May 1-Sept 25, it is easy to see why Fontanel is becoming one of Nashville’s premier destinations. We offer a family and dog friendly atmosphere located just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville in Whites Creek”. (

“Bring your family, and your fur babies as we raise money for Rescues! Emmylou Harris will be performing alongside Special Guest, Ricky Skaggs, and many more! There will be activities, merchandise, music, food, adoptions and personal photos with Emmy (with minimum donation). Join us on June 7th, 2014 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and make memories to last a lifetime”.